Welcome to the Party

Election fever

At last. I’m finally embarking on a blogging adventure connected to my day job, rather than me posting photos of rock stars. Time to write about doing good stuff on social media.

Some of you reading this may know me from my time as a comms officer at Solihull Council in the West Midlands. Well, since January 2014 I have been the strategic lead for social media at the University of Warwick (in, er, Coventry) and I want to get into the habit of blogging about my work now, in the hope that it turns into a useful resource for other digital types, particularly in the Higher Education sector.

My role is a brand new one and should prove really interesting and exciting – I feel very lucky to have it! Over the coming months I’m going to be working on some social media guidelines for University staff, training people across the organisation on using social media, keeping up to speed with monitoring and evaluation tools, creating an internal network of social media bods and working with individual areas on their social media strategy…it should be great.

Allowing for my obvious bias formed by still basking in the ‘I’ve got a new job’ glow, I really think this sort of role is really important for any organisation wanting to do social media well; having a named person to train other staff members on how to use social media, who can also do the horizon scanning, strategizing and look after an internal network to share ideas, offer support and be a critical friend for the organisation’s other social media types…well, that just seems like sound thinking.

Am I looking forward to getting really stuck into this? Absolutely. Even the prospect/threat of working with academics in the future is one I’m relishing.

Right now I’m still very much in induction mode, but I’ll do my best to share interesting stuff on here. Thanks for stopping by and here’s to the challenges ahead.

**Election fever photo shot by me, processed with VSCO Cam

**Blog post title song reference – ‘Welcome to the Party’ by Thunder:



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