Just Like This – your Facebook page will love LikeAlyzer

Picture7Purely by accident, I recently stumbled across a brilliant free tool for analysing and improving your Facebook Page, called LikeAlyzer. Naturally, I assumed I was just late to the party and that everyone else would already have seen it but so far that’s not the case…so I thought I’d blog about it.

The idea behind LikeAlyzer is very simple; you pop in the URL of your page, it works its magic for a couple of minutes and then gives you some results. Now, a lot of the data it will give you is available in the Insights tab on Facebook, but LikeAlyzer backs it up with some useful advice and tips.

Also, LikeAlyzer gathers its results from the most recent 25 posts (or so) from your page, so you can keep using the tool to see how your page improves (or not) over time.

I’ll run you through a breakdown of the LikeAlyzer results I ran for the page of my awesome band The Crimson Star (check us out, we rock). The first thing I saw was this header:


Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen a notional score out of 100 and are immediately assuming it will be rather pointless, a bit like Klout. While you do have to take such score with a pinch of salt, look next to it – a series of recommendations right there at the top of the page for improving the performance of the page. For a freebie, that’s a pretty good start.

You can then scroll down and explore this in more detail – LikeAlyzer looks at a number of different categories and you can click on each one to get some more commentary from the site about why they are important. I found almost everything here useful and/or interesting…even if some of it is blindingly obvious!


The first thing LikeAlyzer does is check you’ve put some useful information on your FB page, such as your website, registered a friendly URL etc. So far, so obvious…but what I found interesting was its recommendation to make use of the milestones feature of your FB timeline. I went back and added all of my band’s gigs as milestones, all of which received a bit of engagement and helped boost the presence of our page, resulting in a couple of extra fans that week.


The page performance section is, somewhat ironically, the section I’ve found to be the least helpful. For instance, putting a cross next to our hard-earned 467 fans with the note ‘you need a bigger audience’ is a bit of a no-brainer that is likely to make me utter something referencing Sherlock Holmes and excrement…but some people will no doubt find something from this section.


Next it’s Posts by Pages, which is much more interesting and especially useful for anyone who might be new to looking after a FB page. Why do I say that? Well, it has little reminders such as encouraging you to post something every day and also varying your content (something I blogged on recently), both of which will make for an interesting page. I also found a few other things useful in this section; the reminder to use hashtags, ask questions and include calls to action are all obvious, but a handy reminder to have sat in front of you, while the ‘timing’ section is great, as it compares when your audience is not just most active but most responsive, with the times of day you post content. When I first ran LikeAlyzer for the band I immediately switched the timing of our posts based on the results from this section and got a much higher engagement rate (although, as you can see, I have slipped recently – clearly rock and roll is best served with dinner rather than breakfast and elevensies).


The Posts By Others section is another one that isn’t the most insightful, although it does reinforce the advice to ask questions of your audience to encourage engagement, which is good.


Finally, you can indulge in some benchmarking/ranking and see how LikeAlyzer thinks you are doing against the competition. As you can see, my band’s FB page scores above average for FB pages in general, for other pages by musicians/bands AND for what LikeAlyzer deems to be ‘similar brands’, all of which makes me very happy. Obviously, it’s not got us a record deal yet, but there’s something satisfying about seeing someone else say that I’m doing social media well for my band; I’d be worried if it weren’t the case!

So, there you have it…why not head over to LikeAlyzer and make it look at your page? It’s free, fun to play with and I’m pretty sure will offer you something useful to improve the performance of your page without paying to take out an advert.

Oh, and go and like The Crimson Star on Facebook too 😉


*Image credit: LikeAlyzer logo from the LikeAlyzer website

**Blog post song title reference: Just Like This by Limp Bizkit (most probably NSFW, unless swearing and awesome riffing are not an issue in your office)


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