Be yourself – why a guitarist you’ve never heard of from a band you’ve probably also never heard of is my social media hero

adtr-tour-scm-27Anyone who works in social media will tell you the same when it comes to being ‘good’ at social – just be yourself. If you make the effort to be you, your social media activity will be genuine and your followers will love you for it. This is why I want to tell you about Jordan Buckley – he’s quickly become my favourite person to follow on any social network that I’m part of.

So, who is Jordan Buckley you might ask? Well, he’s this guy here…


Jordan is one of the guitarists in one of my favouritest bands in the whole entire world – Every Time I Die. Here they are playing one of my favourite songs (and one of the best riffs to soundcheck to, in my humble opinion)

Not only that, Jordan is also a fantastic artist and runs his own clothing company – Jordan Buckley World Wide. I have a load of JBWW t-shirts and totally LOVE them. Here’s a shameless selfie to prove so.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…surely I only love Jordan so much because he plays in one of my favourite bands and he is the creator of some sumptuous, buttery riffs that instantly have me air-guitaring? PLUS, he starred in a video where he got whipped by Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs/Kill Bill fame…

Well, yes, obviously…but putting aside my ETID/JBWW fanboy hat and instead replacing it with my social media bod/day job one, I genuinely see Jordan Buckley of someone who:
a) Gets social media, and
b) Does it in a genuine and engaging manner, and
c) Does it so well that he has turned into a brilliant marketer for both his band and his clothing line – even if that has never been the intention when he started posting.

So, let’s talk a little more about Jordan…

Jordan’s main social stomping ground is Instagram – makes sense for someone who is, amongst other things, an artist when you think about it – and his content is brilliant.

Case in point #1 this post from during ETID’s recent stint in the studio to record their new album:

JB dog comment

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Jordan is pretty darn funny. I remember nearly spitting out tea all over my phone when I first saw this post, I was laughing so much.

For me, this is far more engaging than your standard ‘studio update’ posts; bands, generally, have fun when they’re in the studio, so it makes sense that posts from these sessions should show off those good times.

Not only that, but Jordan actually takes time to respond to comments – I particularly enjoyed this interaction:


Here’s a few other pics Jordan has shared that offers fans of his band (like me) a very real glimpse of what life is like on stage, on the road and in the studio.

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Could end up a big ol pile of them tones #GodCity

A post shared by Jordan Buckley (@jordanetid) on

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Danke 📷: @willjewluvme

A post shared by Jordan Buckley (@jordanetid) on

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A post shared by Jordan Buckley (@jordanetid) on

So, Jordan nails the whole ‘behind the scenes of being in an awesome band’ thing…and he does exactly the same with his art. By following Jordan on Instagram you get to see works in progress, sometimes from initial drawing to finished design. Other times, you just get to see the immense detail in his drawings – either way, the pics of his art are fascinating.

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1 of 2

A post shared by Jordan Buckley (@jordanetid) on

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2 of 2

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Then, of course, there’s the clothing range. There are loads of celebrities with clothing ranges out there, but I struggle to think of many who are as engaged with their customers as Jordan. He takes the time to follow the #JBWW hashtag and likes and comments on pictures of his customers showing off their purchases.

I can tell you from personal experience that it is rather thrilling to post a photo of your new favourite tshirt and then have the person who designed it like the pic and leave you a comment. You feel instantly connected to that designer, you love that tshirt even more and you become something of an evangelist for that company (well, I did anyway).

JB worldwide

This is where Jordan has really nailed it; he has become the supreme brand ambassador for JBWW, but in a way that is genuine, honest and, quite simply, brilliant. I’m certain that Jordan’s social media activity has made an already loyal fanbase a thousand times more loyal, and allowed him to continue to expand JBWW. It also ensures he has lots of friends in the crowd whenever Every Time I Die plays a show.

So, other than a new favourite band, guitarist, artist and tshirt shop, what can you take from looking at Jordan Buckley’s social media activity? Well, it’s a perfect example of how to be good at social media and how to have a genuine voice for your online activity.

Basically, if you want to do social media well…be more Jordan:

–          Share your life as it is, not what think it ought to be – it’s so much more genuine and engaging. And if, like Jordan, you’re naturally funny, don’t feel like you need to hold back online. It’s those little bits of your personality in social media that make all the difference and make your profiles all the more engaging.

–          Talking of engaging – engage with your followers! Jordan is, I would guess, fairly busy but still finds time to reply to comments and actively seek out and reach out to fans of his brand, just as he’s done with me. This makes me like him and his business even more than I already did and I am now acting as a brand advocate for Jordan , for JBWW and for ETID. Hell, I’m writing about all of those things on a blog I set up for work stuff. All from Jordan being great at social media – pretty cool.

–          Don’t be all about yourself – Jordan likes posts of other users and interacts just as you and I would. Him being relatively famous doesn’t stop his doing this. I think that’s totally great. He also posts photos of his pet dogs and helps support his wife’s vintage tea set hire business, showing both sides of rock and roll. As someone who soundchecks for my own band wearing a cardigan and really looks forward to a post-gig cup of tea, as well as having six guinea pigs and a wonderful wife, I can definitely relate!

–          Most of all…be yourself. I’ve never met Jordan – well, technically I have, but that was a meet-n-greet before a show in 2005 and I only had the guts to hold something for him to sign – but, thanks to him being himself on social media, I feel like I know him and would be comfortable chatting to him in real life. In fact, I almost got a fist pump from him while he was ON STAGE recently, all thanks to something I posted on Instagram…

JB awesome

I was grinning for hours after seeing his reply!

Thanks for reading – now make sure you go and follow Jordan on Instagram, check out Every Time I Die and buy some awesome t-shirts from JBWW.

To finish, here’s a pic of one of the JBWW dogs.

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A post shared by Jordan Buckley (@jordanetid) on

*Picture credit: Jordan Buckely, Every Time I Die, Birmingham Academy, Friday 14 February 2014, photo by me.

**Blog post song title reference : Be Yourself by Audioslave


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