Welcome to 2016: some resolutions for the New Year

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the festive period and managed to switch off and relax for a bit. However, it’s now time to get back in the saddle and get used to it being 2016.

Despite it being a blooming obvious theme for a first post of the year, I’ve decided to pull together a few resolutions for 2016 – I figure there’s a far better chance of me at least trying to keep to them if I document them somewhere! So, here goes…

Blog more

I badly fell out of the blogging habit in 2015 (and the second half of 2014 to be honest) but it’s something I really want to make more effort to do – I’d like to aim for weekly, but if I manage a couple a month it’ll be a big improvement!

Read more work-related stuff

I always feel a bit guilty reading at work, even when it’s reading stuff that is relevant to my job. There’s really no need to feel this, so 2016 is the year it ends.

Get comfortable with Snapchat and Yik Yak

This goes for other emerging platforms too, but these two especially standout as ones that are growing in influence. My advice to anyone doing social media for professional purposes is ALWAYS to try it out as yourself first. I’ve dabbled with both Snapchat and Yik Yak but still have plenty to learn. Luckily, my friend and bandmate Will now has Snapchat, so I can practice with him J

Put on a great show

I’m very fortunate to have been chosen as the co-chair for the CASE Europe Social Media Conference for the next two years, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to do my best to make sure both events are as good as they can be. This year’s event takes place in Brighton from 31 March – 1 April. It’s likely to include a bit of unconferencing and possibly and Instameet. Bet you can’t tell that they were my suggestions!

Learn how to make proper timelapses

Because they look awesome.

Start a podcast about music

Because I don’t have a radio show any more and the idea of doing something inspired by the fabulous That’s Not Metal is really tempting.

Find a way to make LinkedIn for me

I hate LinkedIn, I probably always will. But it’s also pretty important. I’m determined to find how to make it work best for me. I mean, something this huge, it MUST work? Right??

Make my new band as good as it can be

I have a new band. We’re called Wave. We’re going to be awesome – just you wait and see.

Dominate my inbox

Facing up to a full inbox every day is no fun, so in 2016 I really want to stay on top of mine.

I think that’ll probably do for now – how about you? What are your resolutions for 2016?

Photo: a hill above Ramsbottom, shot by me


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