35 gems of inspiration from #LinkedIn3D


Yesterday I was invited to be a track leader at the first ever #LinkedIn3D conference, which was held at the University of Birmingham’s Business School and it was a cracking day!

After hearing from the day’s keynote speaker Eric Stoller, my favourite Iowan who isn’t a member of Slipknot, the rest of the day was a free-flowing batch of sessions taking great inspiration from unconferencing, albeit with a little more planning.

As well as getting involved in the sessions and discussions, I helped run a Marcomms track with Sheffield Hallam’s Joe Field and The Open University’s Brian Attwood, who both offered lots of useful stuff.

I came away with pages of notes and lots of learning, so thought it would be good to pull them into a roundup post to share with you all, which is exactly what I’ve done…enjoy!

  1. This day of sharing good practice and feeding back to LinkedIn had been two years in the planning, so it must have been really pleasing to see #LinkedIn3D trending on Twitter during the event.
  2. It took Eric Stoller around 5 minutes to break out the cat nebula slide…surprisingly slow really!
  3. LinkedIn’s Pulse platform for blogging gets an incredible amount of eyes on your content. Not only that, it generally gets the right people looking at it.
  4. Drunken LinkedIn requests are a thing.
    drunked LI
  5. Your digital presence, particularly on SEO friendly channels such as LinkedIn, make you more googleable – we need to ensure our students know this.
  6. In fact, we should make an effort early on to teach our students about these digital channels and how they shape their online profile – at induction, for example.
  7. Eric Stoller’s top tip to make LinkedIn better? Give it more attention.
  8. Employability is undoubtedly a part of Higher Education – there’s no point denying it.
  9. LinkedIn’s Charles Hardy came up with what I thought was the quote of the day…’LinkedIn groups need watering’.
  10. We should be helping teach our students how to make better use of LinkedIn – for example, give them a ‘connection request text’ template and even offer photography services at careers events to ensure they’ve got a suitable profile picture.
  11. Too many student workshops on social media focus on the risks – how about we celebrate the benefits too?
  12. Sheffield Hallam makes their University Page on LinkedIn about student experience, with a strong focus on things like graduation and asking alumni for their memories of studying.
  13. It turns out, asking your alumni for their memories was winning tactic among the majority of delegates.
  14. It sure would be great if we could get more academics not only on LinkedIn but using Pulse to blog and build up a thought leadership body of work. If these blogs could also be tied to a University Page that would very cool.
  15. LinkedIn is in the process of merging the University and Company pages – something that be done by the end of 2016.
  16. Amongst other things, these merged pages will include PROPER ANALYTICS!
  17. In other LinkedIn news, the University Finder tool and decision boards are being pulled back in the next couple of weeks as they’re not really working.
  18. Oh, and hashtags on LinkedIn – at least in Pulse posts – could soon be a thing.
  19. Something around video on LinkedIn is also in the works.
  20. There are around 1,000 platforms on LinkedIn with some sort of connection to the Open University, of which the institution only controls three – the education page, company page and official group.
  21. Responding to comments really helps with engagement but without threaded comments it can be tricky. Therefore, threaded comments were be mega helpful – especially given how well they work on Pulse.
  22. In a conference delegation of around 120 LinkedIn users, hardly anyone posts their own content on LinkedIn Pulse – get on it!
  23. Joining an official University group on LinkedIn can often be little more than a graduation rite of passage.
  24. Durham has a really successful LinkedIn group that is run by a volunteer and has thousands of engaged members. Their strategic position on how to make the group work? Leave it the hell alone!
  25. Think you don’t have the time for LinkedIn? Actually, you’ve probably not the time not to use it.
  26. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone got their Vice-Chancellor blogging on Pulse?
  27. Also, wouldn’t it be cool if we could mimic the ‘featured alumni’ tool for our University Pages and also have a ‘featured academics’ one?
  28. If you want the alumni tool widget for your website (perhaps to show prospective students what career paths your students have followed) you can grab it via developer.linkedin.com.
  29. Next week a new student app is being launched by LinkedIn – it’ll hopefully be out over here later this year.
  30. We need to focus on high quality content for our University Pages.
  31. Groups are only as good as you make them.
  32. LinkedIn, perhaps more than any other network, lowers hierarchies and gives you access to people and organisations. Just make sure you personalise those invites!
  33. Everyone in the room at #LinkedIn3D can proudly call themselves a digital literacy evangelist.
  34. Always think of your audience and tailor your content accordingly.
  35. My biggest takeaway? LinkedIn is not just something for job hunting! Use it correctly and you’ll build a great network of connections and you’ll be able to do your job even better too.

Thanks so much to Charles for letting me part of such a great day. If you also attended and have stumbled across this article, feel free to follow and/or connect with me!

Also, if you did attend, what were your key takeaways from #LinkedIn3D? Let me know below!


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