Podcasting special part 6: some shows to check out


I hope you enjoyed my series of blogs about podcasting recently, it was a lot of fun to put together. As a bonus post, I wanted to pull together a list of great shows to check out – not just my choices but some from you too.

To start with, here’s my favourites:

That’s Not Metal – the reason I have my own show

Dave’s World – shameless plug for my own show

Aston Villa Review – a great show about a currently terrible club

Football Fives – a different take on discussing football with intelligent chat and plenty of fun

Lead Singer Syndrome – a fascinating glimpse into life as a singer in a band, by Shane Told of Silverstein

Break it Down with Matt Carter – another really interesting show, this time exploring exactly what it’s like being in a band

Inside the Huddle – an NFL UK podcast about, you guessed it, American Football. I love this sport but am still a newcomer to it, so the knowledge and context this show gives me is invaluable

Mostly Off-Topic – a fledgling show about table-top games co-presented by my friend and fellow HE social media guru Joe Field

Here’s a few Chris Nee mentioned in my Q+A with him:

The Sound of Football

Jamey Jasta

Chris Jericho

Kevin Smith

Two Hundred Percent

Some suggestions from you:

From Joe Field (mentioned above) on LinkedIn

Welcome to Night Vale – community updates from a fictional desert town

Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff – gaming and other things

Run Last Click – a show about the Netrunner card game

From Emily Morris on Twitter

Reply All – a podcast about the internet

Radio Lab – a show about curiosity

The LowDown – the podcast for the Columbia Alumni Association (a cracking idea by the way!)

From Ken Punter on Twitter

Arsecast – a show about Arsenal

The Tuesday Club – another one about Arsenal, this time presented by comedian Alan Davies

The West Wing Weekly – three guesses as to what this is about!

From Poorly Summarized on Twitter

Poorly Summarized – yep, that’s their own show, but they were suitably tongue in cheek about it in their tweet to me!

Got any more? Leave them below!

*Check out the rest of my series of posts about podcasting*


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