And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…LinkedIn is updating University Pages!


Calling higher education social media managers – bookmark this Thursday, 15 September, right now! Why? Because something wonderful is coming, something we’ve wanted for ages…LinkedIn is finally merging University and Company Pages!

Yep, you read that correctly, LinkedIn is keeping its promise that was revealed at #LinkedIn3D in April and finally ditching the confusing state where two pages exist for your institution and merging them into one.

I’m so very happy about this; it’s a change that the community has been crying out for, so it’s really great to LinkedIn listening to its users and taking action to make a positive change.

Even better, LinkedIn took the time to email us page managers to give us a heads up. Having such useful and timely communication from a company that has, in my experience at least, often been quite good at just doing things without any prior warning is almost as exciting as the merger – mood good comms in the future please LinkedIn!

Anyway, what does the merger of University and Company Pages mean, aside from less confusion for our followers?

Well, once the merged page is here, you’ll be able to sponsor content – thereby giving you the opportunity to properly integrate LinkedIn into your paid strategy – you’ll be able to upgrade to include career pages and you’ll still have the Alumni Tool.

On the flip side, the notable alumni and recommendations features are both being ditched – I’ve never been a big fan of either, so don’t mind too much, but those of you who might use them more extensively should take note.

Anyway, all of that is great, all of it exciting, but everything above is playing second fiddle to the real win of this merger…


Post-merger, I, and LinkedIn University Page managers across the globe, will finally have access to real-time page analytics like those on your Company Page. No longer will we need to rely on those, frankly, not that helpful weekly emails.

This is, obviously, great news. It’s far less confusing for our followers, easier for us to manage pages and will allow us to really start assessing and sharing the value of our LinkedIn pages. I can’t wait!

So, what do you need to know and do now?

Well, from Thursday University Pages will become read-only, so any changes you make to the old page will not show up on the new, merged one. If you post anything on the old page after Thursday 15 September, you’ll need to re-post it on the new page.

The new pages should land in October, but you don’t need to go silent post Thursday – your existing pages will still be accessible until the new one is ready.

There’s also no need to worry about losing followers; all of your followers from across you current University and Company Pages will be combined into one new University Page, as will all your content.

So, all told, you don’t need to do too much at all. LinkedIn will email when your new page is ready, so you can sit back and wait for it to hit.

LinkedIn have pulled together a useful help article on the impending changes right here – do give it a read.

Are you as excited about getting proper analytics as I am? Let me know in the comments!

**Don’t forget, I’d love you to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with me on LinkedIn too.


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