The new John Lewis Christmas advert is exactly what 2016 needs


I’m not normally one of those people who gets excited about the John Lewis Christmas advert – to be honest, I’ve thought all of the previous ones were overly sentimental boring pieces of contrived crap, floating along with an equally awful soundtrack. However, that’s not the case for this year’s effort.

 In fact, I would go as far as saying that this year’s John Lewis ad is nigh-on perfect fodder for 2016.

 If you’ve somehow not already seen it, here you go…

 So, why do I think it’s almost perfect (the soundtrack is still rubbish)? Well, aside from the fact that it features a DOG ON A TRAMPOLINE, it’s exactly what we need at the end of trying year.

 Brexit, Trump, the continued migrant crisis and the death of so many much-loved celebs…2016 has been tough going. Another weepy tugger of heart strings could well have just tipped us over the edge.

 This year, more than any, we need a laugh – and John Lewis has given it to us. I’ll bet even those weirdos who prefer cats will enjoy this bouncing boxer.

 Some might argue that a more light-hearted ad was always in the pipeline from John Lewis after the somewhat muted reaction to the 2015 version – and that may well be true – but I also think this shows astute judgment on the mood of the nation from the retail store and whoever has put together the ad for them, and underlines just how important it is to know your audience and what makes them tick.

 If this fun approach sets the tone for everyone else’s Christmas comms – and, judging by Aldi’s ad starring a jolly little carrot, it could well be – I’m all for it. Let’s be honest, how would you rather be affected by advertising at Christmas? Grabbing the tissues or LOLing at a crazy dog on a trampoline?

 (That was rhetorical by the way, the correct answer is the dog. Obvs. Every. Time)

 So thanks to John Lewis for the shift in tone and for giving me a chuckle – more of the same next year please, just with a better soundtrack…my band WAVE does a CRACKING version of Wizzard’s Christmas song if you’re interested!

What do you think of the ad? Do you think it’s bouncetastic or is it not your thing? Does it matter that John Lewis has sort of let the whole Santa thing out of the bag in the process of doing this? Let me know below!

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