Moving on

I’ve spent ages trying to think of a witty pun, or a supremely cool cultural reference to use in the intro to this post, but, in the end, nothing sat right. So instead I’ll just come out with it…I’ve got a new job!

From 1 June, I’ll be joining the fabulous Net Natives as their Head of Content. Right now I’m a mixture of excited, proud, slightly scared and eager to get cracking.

But mainly excited!

So, what will I be doing in my new role? Well, in short, I’ll be creating lots of great content aimed at Education and Youth Marketers. That means lot of original creations, lots of curated stuff and, hopefully, lots of showcasing the great work that you guys are all doing in the sector.

It should be a lot of fun!

Having been a guest blogger for Net Natives and a speaker at one of their events over the last year, I’ve got to know their CEO Steve Evans and the team there and was thrilled to be asked to become a part of what they’re doing.

My time has Warwick has been fantastic over the last three and half years – I’ve worked on plenty of cool stuff, met loads of great people and had the opportunity to be involved with organisations like CASE too, which has been magical.

But, right now, I can’t wait to get stuck into this new chapter – and hopefully it will be loads more opportunities to meet plenty of you in real life and share the brilliant things you’re doing.

Here’s to the next step!


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